All-round digital consulting


What are we doing?

We open your digital world

H2C wants to show you how the digital world can help your business.

We specialize in three different yet very related fields:

digitalization, e-commerce, internationalization

What we believe in?

We believe in ethics and agility

H2C is an "agile consultancy business", meaning that we set up your online world and then we teach you hoe to navigate it on your own. This shouldn't scare you, we will always be there to help you.

And we are an ethic business, as we prefer to work on commission rather than on fixed fees (only if you prefer so). We don't earn if you don't earn, you shouldn't pay us for a job that's poorly done.


Our launch offers

Worldwide Pilot Project

We start with you

Our pilot project is addressed to every country pioneer. If we don't cooperate with anyone in your country, you'll receive our services for free!

Orange on Orange
Cup of Yellow

Your great idea!

You start with us

You just had an amazing idea and you think we could help in building your store, website, advertisement, etc... Well, if this is your first business, we won't charge you any service fee! We know you are going through a lot of investment to set it up, but we want to help you by being flexible.

Pay me later

You are a lucky early bird

Actually, the company is not set up yet. So we can't accept your payments right now, so I guess you will have to pay us later (around mid-September 2020).

Aren't you lucky!

Books on a Yellow Wall

Contact Us

If we are what you are looking for, drop us a message ;)

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